Be Still My Heart

28 February 2012

I usually don't watch commercials. I am a DVR addict, have a quick fast forward/trigger thumb and I know how to use it. For some reason, fate intervened and I caught this commercial today while I was cleaning house.

 And naturally, I was cleaning in wedges and full hair and makeup... ha.

This commercial stopped me mid sweep. I stood about a foot away from the TV and was transfixed for the entirety of the ad. At first I just thought, 'Ooh, cute wallpaper.' The good stuff really happens at the 12 second mark.

I am not a fan of Special K, nor do I have the discipline to replace meals with bowls of bland cereal, but I would eat this until December to have this closet. 

Before clicking play, sit down. You'll thank me later.

A Sunday Kind of Love: Must Love Mustard

26 February 2012

I have developed an addiction. Normally you put this on your hot dog at the ballpark. I however, prefer to wear it on my bottom half to anywhere I please. It's mustard. Being blonde with fair skin, I tend to shy away from yellow in fear that I would blend completely with the color.

Not the case anymore.

Granted, I always make sure to have a layer or two of self tanner on, but I do love this color. I catch myself picking up mustard colored items in every store, only to tell myself to chill out and put it back before I start getting into dangerous 'old lady who wears nothing but yellow' territory. 

Here are some pieces that I've been eyeing lately.

Circle Circle, Dot Dot

24 February 2012

I have never been much of a polka dots kind of girl. I don't know if it's the curly hair with polka dots making me look around 4 years old, or that they're round and I'm trying to avoid putting any other round thing on my body, but I have just found myself not being drawn to them.

But this top has me swooning. I have seen this fabric on tops in other stores, but the fit never really worked for me. Now that I have found it once again, it seems serendipitous to not at least try it on. These dots aren't as sweet, and I like the multiple layers of colors. Kind of like eating Gobstoppers (anyone have any broken teeth from those)??

In honor of dots and spots, I have found some cute prints that I just may have to add to my wardrobe.

The Newest Addition

23 February 2012

Well, when I said big things were happening, I didn't mean this! But what a lovely surprise.

 I have been stalking this camera for quite a while now and finally found it used in my price range and snapped this little beauty up. I had to do some batting of the eyelashes and puff out my bottom lip, but I convinced my oh so loving husband to let me invest in this camera! 

Now I can start posting outfits, as well as thrift finds! Woot, woot!

If I don't surface for air for a few days, it's because I'm learning all the ins and outs of my new toy. Oh, and showering the hubs in smooches. 

And if I do, the pictures may not all be outfit related. I mean, I do have four very precious little fur babies that are long overdue for a portrait session (or three).

Meet my Canon Rebel T3i. Sigh... isn't she pretty?

Editor in Chief

20 February 2012

For the next few days, my head will be other places. Big stuff is happening and I will be out of commission until Friday. In the meantime, the Editor in Chief, Munchkin will be watching over my little blog from her perch stationed firmly at the foot of my bed. Her junior assistant will take over the night watch from the couch. 24 hour surveillance at its finest.

They aren't the talkative type, so don't expect much.

Munchkin hard at work.

Please excuse the blinds. The night shift gets boring and I think it's starting to get to Kitten.

A Sunday Kind of Love: Navy and Coral

19 February 2012

It's a boy! It's a girl! It's... them all grown up.

I cannot get my mind off of navy and coral. The color combination is heavenly to me. I'm not a fan of pink at all, but these two together sing to me! Also, both colors are universally flattering. With fair skin, light hair and light eyes, many colors don't gel with my natural color scheme. So I essentially have found my coloring nirvana.

Now, this isn't something I do often because this little site is a black hole for me, but there is no better place to go than Pinterest to find inspiration in picture form. I will be attempting to incorporate as much of this into my wardrobe as possible.

On a side note, as I type this, my husband exclaims "I can't get my mind off of navy and coral either!!!" I'd wollop him but I'm too busy Pinteresting.

Some inspiration:
I actually had thrifted a shirt with a similar print in a minty green and mustard yellow, but the fit was so funky when I belted it or tucked it into anything, I returned it. So I am SO pumped to find this in my favorite color combo with a very similar print! This would go perfectly with a yellow skirt I just thrifted. Just tuck it in and pair it with a scarf.

Sweatpants of Shame

17 February 2012

In my quest to achieve style purgatory, somewhere in between the runway and the gutter, I found myself sitting in the gutter with mud on my face.

It's Friday, its cold, its rainy and I'm lazy. So here I sit in Central Market, having someone else cook my food so that I may eat it in style jail: my living room. Joining me in jail will be serial killers, drug dealers and the sun of Miami. Oh, I forgot to mention I'll be watching Dexter until I drop tonight.

Why style jail? Because I somehow rationalized that unwashed gray sweatpants, Ugg style boots left over from my freezing West Texas days, an old work tshirt and my school fleece jacket would be acceptable because the weather sucks. 

The Next 10 Days... Or So

16 February 2012

The past few days have been busy, to say the least. I have lots of exciting things coming up in the next 10 days or so, so I apologize in advance for the delay in posting. 

The camera hunt continues... I am currently in a torrid love affair with the Canon T2i/T3i and the Nikon D3100. I can't choose between the two and hope that one of them whispers a sweet little nothing in my ear soon. 

Sadly, I had two job interviews this week, as well as Valentine's day, so I had plenty of opportunities to 'dress' myself. And I did not. Even though I gained all the weight around 8 months ago, I still find pieces that don't seem to fit anymore. I don't yet have the heart to donate them, because I'm almost there and they're seasonally appropriate. I'm like a enabler for my closet. So I defaulted to dress pants, a button up top and a cardigan with neutral shoes. 


A Sunday Kind of Love: Recent Buys

12 February 2012

Since the camera hunt is going to be a bit delayed, I'm posting some items that I have recently added to my closet. My goal is to pick things I would have NEVER given a second look before.
White is something I naturally stray away from because I feel like I usually blend with the shirt. The print was just too cute to pass up!

White Bird Top- Old Navy (gifted- Thanks Mom!)

A blue jean shirt? I live in Texas, where they wear them with blue jeans and boots for the fancy nights out.This is so soft and comfortable, and surprisingly thin, so it keeps you covered AND cool!

Failure to Launch

11 February 2012

When I started thinking of starting this blog, I thought, "Hey, this is something that would be fun, keep me accountable and help build my confidence." True on two counts. 

Finding ways to take pictures of myself in outfits that don't look like a bad Myspace knockoff is hard. 
And awkward. Oh, how awkward.

Last night my husband comes home and reminds me that we are going to dinner with his parents. Free dinner! I asked where and he mentioned a very small town about 20 minutes south of where we live. I said sounds great, let me put on some jeans and a shirt. Wrong.

The Magpie

10 February 2012

Long Story Short:
I got engaged, started birth control, and I got sick, like, lost some hair and gained a bunch of weight sick. My thyroid was pissed. So I stopped the meds and started to figure out what to do with the new, lumpy body and diminished confidence.

Here I am, a newlywed in a new city, so embarrassed of what I looked like that I essentially became a hermit. Nothing fit, my entire body composition changed. And surely no one wanted to be friends with the chunky (and now very pale) girl with thinning hair. So why leave the house?

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