A Sunday Kind of Love: Navy and Coral

19 February 2012

It's a boy! It's a girl! It's... them all grown up.

I cannot get my mind off of navy and coral. The color combination is heavenly to me. I'm not a fan of pink at all, but these two together sing to me! Also, both colors are universally flattering. With fair skin, light hair and light eyes, many colors don't gel with my natural color scheme. So I essentially have found my coloring nirvana.

Now, this isn't something I do often because this little site is a black hole for me, but there is no better place to go than Pinterest to find inspiration in picture form. I will be attempting to incorporate as much of this into my wardrobe as possible.

On a side note, as I type this, my husband exclaims "I can't get my mind off of navy and coral either!!!" I'd wollop him but I'm too busy Pinteresting.

Some inspiration:
I actually had thrifted a shirt with a similar print in a minty green and mustard yellow, but the fit was so funky when I belted it or tucked it into anything, I returned it. So I am SO pumped to find this in my favorite color combo with a very similar print! This would go perfectly with a yellow skirt I just thrifted. Just tuck it in and pair it with a scarf.

This top is amazing. I would tuck this into a mustard yellow skirt. L.O.V.E.

Love. Love. Love.

I need this dress. That is all.

LOVE this printed skirt!!
This room may not be clothing, but what I would do to have this room, this color scheme, that CARPET in my house! Le sigh...


  1. Navy and coral is such a great color combo--I love it and want to find something soon in the same colors!

  2. Thanks for the comment! LOVE your blog and your style! We have very similar hair and I love seeing how you style yours :)

  3. Navy & Coral look beautiful together. I agree.

    Hi, Brit, I am Ada. =) I just found your blog through Mini Me Style and I am your newest follower. I just started reading your early posts and I like your sense of humor so far. I can't wait to see and read all about your outfits. Also, I love everything you showed us above, especially those two tops and that fabulous two-tone dress with the pretty pink bow skirt. =)

    Please stop by, check me and my style out.



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