Sweatpants of Shame

17 February 2012

In my quest to achieve style purgatory, somewhere in between the runway and the gutter, I found myself sitting in the gutter with mud on my face.

It's Friday, its cold, its rainy and I'm lazy. So here I sit in Central Market, having someone else cook my food so that I may eat it in style jail: my living room. Joining me in jail will be serial killers, drug dealers and the sun of Miami. Oh, I forgot to mention I'll be watching Dexter until I drop tonight.

Why style jail? Because I somehow rationalized that unwashed gray sweatpants, Ugg style boots left over from my freezing West Texas days, an old work tshirt and my school fleece jacket would be acceptable because the weather sucks. 

Here's the thing though. I love rainboots, clear bubble umbrellas and bright colored rain coats. Heck, I even have an umbrella shaped like a giant lilypad. I love cozy clothes and scarves and boots. All perfect cold, rainy day gear. Yet I elect for all gray slop.

Any minute now I expect to be ambushed by Stacy and Clinton.

Its one thing to get dressed 'cute' for a date night or a more special occasion, but it has been hard for me to get dressed in anything more than workout gear lately for errands out. Sometimes the effort and concentration needed to put together an outfit to be worn for around an hour doesn't seem worth the time.

I have to start realizing that every time I leave this house is an opportunity to make myself feel a little better and learn a little more about remixing my closet. 

In honor of the rainy weekend, I have found some fun and stylish ways to brighten up a gloomy day.


  1. Yeah for rainboots! I love a day that I get to strap on my fun and stylish herringbone rainboots from Target. Makes me feel like I'm 5!


    1. Leanne~

      I know! I always loved Paddington Bear and totally envied his rain gear. Plus I love walking right through rain puddles in my big, bright boots :) I feel like such a big girl in my little girl boots!

  2. Absolutely loving it so far, Britt! I just know you're gonna go great places with this blog. Keep it up. I'll be reading. :)

    PS - I've been thinking about our teaming up for the occasional little photoshoots, and I REALLY hope it happens. It could be so fun and seriously helpful for both of us! :)

    1. Jenni~

      Thanks for the input! I'm working on saving for the camera so this blog actually makes sense! Pictures would be helpful in a style blog, no? :)

      I am SO excited to do our little photoshoots! After the end of this week, I will be up for scheduling something! I absolutely plan on putting some sessions together- my brain is just mush until this next weekend.


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