The Newest Addition

23 February 2012

Well, when I said big things were happening, I didn't mean this! But what a lovely surprise.

 I have been stalking this camera for quite a while now and finally found it used in my price range and snapped this little beauty up. I had to do some batting of the eyelashes and puff out my bottom lip, but I convinced my oh so loving husband to let me invest in this camera! 

Now I can start posting outfits, as well as thrift finds! Woot, woot!

If I don't surface for air for a few days, it's because I'm learning all the ins and outs of my new toy. Oh, and showering the hubs in smooches. 

And if I do, the pictures may not all be outfit related. I mean, I do have four very precious little fur babies that are long overdue for a portrait session (or three).

Meet my Canon Rebel T3i. Sigh... isn't she pretty?

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