Editor in Chief

20 February 2012

For the next few days, my head will be other places. Big stuff is happening and I will be out of commission until Friday. In the meantime, the Editor in Chief, Munchkin will be watching over my little blog from her perch stationed firmly at the foot of my bed. Her junior assistant will take over the night watch from the couch. 24 hour surveillance at its finest.

They aren't the talkative type, so don't expect much.

Munchkin hard at work.

Please excuse the blinds. The night shift gets boring and I think it's starting to get to Kitten.


  1. Love this!!


    ps gorgeous cat!


  2. So cute!! My cat sits on my laptop too, unfortunately she is a lot fatter than yours =D My sister got angry the other day because 'someone' had been pressing keys on her laptop, turned out to be the cat haha!!


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