Be Still My Heart

28 February 2012

I usually don't watch commercials. I am a DVR addict, have a quick fast forward/trigger thumb and I know how to use it. For some reason, fate intervened and I caught this commercial today while I was cleaning house.

 And naturally, I was cleaning in wedges and full hair and makeup... ha.

This commercial stopped me mid sweep. I stood about a foot away from the TV and was transfixed for the entirety of the ad. At first I just thought, 'Ooh, cute wallpaper.' The good stuff really happens at the 12 second mark.

I am not a fan of Special K, nor do I have the discipline to replace meals with bowls of bland cereal, but I would eat this until December to have this closet. 

Before clicking play, sit down. You'll thank me later.

The colors, the organization, the SHOE RACK! 

Le sigh.


  1. :-) Cute blog! Shall we follow each other??? XXX Emily

  2. Oh wow you are right, that is one gorgeous closet! Not to mention the clothes and that polka dot dress she had on for a few seconds!! sigh...

    <3 Denise

  3. Now that is a wardrobe, I would like to step into! Thanks for the share!

    Visiting from the Austin Bloggers -- super cute blog!


  4. Wardrobe mania! I wish I had an awesome wardrobe :)

  5. Wardrobe mania! I wish I had an awesome wardrobe :)

  6. I just saw that polka dot dress at Nordstrom last week, so its out there!



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