The Magpie

10 February 2012

Long Story Short:
I got engaged, started birth control, and I got sick, like, lost some hair and gained a bunch of weight sick. My thyroid was pissed. So I stopped the meds and started to figure out what to do with the new, lumpy body and diminished confidence.

Here I am, a newlywed in a new city, so embarrassed of what I looked like that I essentially became a hermit. Nothing fit, my entire body composition changed. And surely no one wanted to be friends with the chunky (and now very pale) girl with thinning hair. So why leave the house?

Living in an urban area is expensive. Two people living on one income can make finances pretty tight. Put the two together, and let's just say my budget for creating a wardrobe that didn't cut off my circulation was limited.

So I had to do something about it.

Something about a good sale, discount or coupon warms my heart.

 I started watching for big sales, finding stores with inexpensive (read:$35 and under for an item) regular prices. It's like crack for me to find a semi-expensive piece for cheap on the cheap.
And then I discovered thrifting.There is a certain high that accompanies buying formerly "expensive" (read: over $35) clothing for pennies on the dollar. Nothing feels better than getting a compliment for your $30 outfit.

Once I started venturing into thrift stores and finding creative ways to hide the worst parts of it all and create a total 'outfit', I felt like I was focusing less on the body shape underneath and more on the clothing. It got me thinking that starting a blog about my shift in focus and creating outfits via 'remixing' would hold me accountable and help build confidence.

Plus, its fun to play with clothes, who are we kidding here.

And thus, the Magpie was "hatched".


  1. Hey Girl! Love the blog! I hope someone told you about the natural alternatives to birth control (there are several)! The Marquette method and the Creighton model are two of the more popular ones. :)

  2. I found your blog via "angie makes" and I love both of your sites! So I'm leaving a comment, but dont mind if I stay and read your recipes and such over a cup of tea! Happy Blogging!

    Hanna Helgeson!


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