A Sunday Kind of Love: Must Love Mustard

26 February 2012

I have developed an addiction. Normally you put this on your hot dog at the ballpark. I however, prefer to wear it on my bottom half to anywhere I please. It's mustard. Being blonde with fair skin, I tend to shy away from yellow in fear that I would blend completely with the color.

Not the case anymore.

Granted, I always make sure to have a layer or two of self tanner on, but I do love this color. I catch myself picking up mustard colored items in every store, only to tell myself to chill out and put it back before I start getting into dangerous 'old lady who wears nothing but yellow' territory. 

Here are some pieces that I've been eyeing lately.

Love, love, love!


  1. Those lulu shoes are definitely on my wishlist!

  2. Super cute items! I love mustard yellow... also, your blog is just too cute. The background and title of it are SO cute, I love birds :)

  3. Love all of these, mustard is definitely one of my favorite colors too. I wish I owned more!


  4. I am exactly the same; to the point that Im tempted to buy mustard yellow items in thrift shops that wouldnt even fit me haha
    I love that last pair of shoes! x

  5. lovely blog.xx


  6. I love the last two items, especially those incredible shoes. WOW. That second blouse is GORG, too!!

  7. Those lulu shoes are definitely on my wishlist!
    Second Hand Vans

  8. Lovely pieces, love that colour x


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