The Next 10 Days... Or So

16 February 2012

The past few days have been busy, to say the least. I have lots of exciting things coming up in the next 10 days or so, so I apologize in advance for the delay in posting. 

The camera hunt continues... I am currently in a torrid love affair with the Canon T2i/T3i and the Nikon D3100. I can't choose between the two and hope that one of them whispers a sweet little nothing in my ear soon. 

Sadly, I had two job interviews this week, as well as Valentine's day, so I had plenty of opportunities to 'dress' myself. And I did not. Even though I gained all the weight around 8 months ago, I still find pieces that don't seem to fit anymore. I don't yet have the heart to donate them, because I'm almost there and they're seasonally appropriate. I'm like a enabler for my closet. So I defaulted to dress pants, a button up top and a cardigan with neutral shoes. 


In between the studying, job interviews, keeping our puppy from eating my shoes and trying to maintain my sanity, I have come up with a little wish list of clothing items that I would do questionable things in order to have these in my possession. 

 Maxi skirts

 Wedges, wedges, wedges!

Colorblocked tops

Big, colorful necklaces

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