Til I Kick The Bucket

05 April 2012

How many times have you thought, "Before I die, I want to..."

Then how many times have you thought, "Who the heck knows?"

This is my thinking when it comes to a bucket list. There are so many big things I want to to, but know financially most of them won't be feasible for another 10 years. Also, who knows what kind of technology, what life circumstances will come to a head between now and then. A girl can dream, right? 

I feel like I've done some big things by 25:

I got married

I got my Master's

I did my first adventure race/mini marathon

I moved across the country on my own

Got scuba certified

Completed my Golden Girls DVD collection :)

So, to keep me motivated, yet realistic, while I'm in this transition period in my life, I've set a "Before I'm 30" bucket list. 4 years to do the following:
  1. Own all Disney movies on DVD
  2. Completely refinish a piece of furniture all on my own
  3. Run a 5K
  4. Shoot a rattlesnake... all by myself
  5. Go on a Louisiana Gator Hunt (Swamp People anyone??)
(Do we see a trend here with the scary reptile killing?)

What are some things you would like to be able to do before your next big birthday milestone?


  1. Britt, I am impressed by all that you have accomplished already...especially the Golden Girls! LOL! I would love to go on an alligator hunt in the swamps! One thing I want to do is bungee jump! Great post! Make sure to enter my blog giveaway!
    Giveaway @ Because Shanna Said So

  2. I'll be 29 this year (ack!) but I haven't set any major goals for 30 because I'm pretty happy with life right now. I'm married, got my first ever puppy, have my master's, and live at the beach.

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Clearly, #1 is the MOST important one! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. quite impressive all these things you've accomplished!!


  5. You've done some great things by 25!! I'm sure I've seen every Golden Girls episode, but I want to buy the DVD collection and watch the episodes in order! By 30, my next milestone age, I'd like to be engaged or married, have a successful business, go to Dusney land, and simply be happy.

  6. shoot a rattlesnake?! whoa girl you are brave!

  7. girl you have done SO MANY things I want to do by 25!! and I only have a year! Congrats!

    ps. love love Golden Girls.

  8. oooh, i've got the same disney goal. aaaand, i love me some swamp people. you're a hoot. : )


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