100? I'm Not Foolin

02 April 2012

April is here!

Not only it is a new month, but it's the month I'm hoping to hit 100 followers! In celebration, I will be doing a giveaway the day after I hit 100 followers on GFC. And I'm not foolin!

So get ready... and get excited! Details to come soon.

Anyway, I had a little time to play around with my camera, and I thought I'd give you a glimpse of my favorite things this past week.

Corky aka "Mr. Handsome"
Prana aka "Lust For Life"

They love their car rides
Munchkin aka "Fancy Feast"
Micah climbing at Zilker Park
Nature's umbrella


  1. you are already up to 80, it won't be long now :)


  2. Good luck on your 100 followers mission! I'm a keen follower already:)


  3. Your dogs are so cute, Britt! Mine also love to look out the window on car rides. We can't roll the window down too far though, or Oliver will attempt to hop out. :) Good luck on hitting 100...you're so close!

    The Tiny Heart

  4. that picture makes me miss Zilker Park so much!

  5. hey, just found your blog its great, i love your style. Would love if you could check mine out too, just follow and leave me a comment. Amazing blog, lovely to find a new read



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