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18 April 2012

Summer is fast approaching, which means shorts and bathing suits are on their way as well. And we all know how much I love that idea.

Not sure about you, but I tend to keep a pretty pasty pallor during 9 months (ok, 12) of the year. I am completely incapable of getting a tan. I step into the sun, turn pink, burn, peel, repeat. So my idea of being 'bronze' is with 6 layers of self tanner topped off with SPF 85. I'm a regular Brazilian beach bum. 

I don't quite have the cash to get airbrush tanned every 10 days or so (but if I did, I would!) so I use this stuff. 

Loreal Sublime Bronze is pretty spectacular. I get compliments on my 'tan' every time I do it, and it's pretty much foolproof to apply. The Sublime Bronze is a quick dry formula, which means it can tend to dry out your skin if applied on its own. It also increases the chance of streaks.
I buy the Deep Natural and mix it in with my regular lotion. The beauty of this is I get a medium color while moisturizing. Using it with lotion also allows me to layer it gradually to prevent that Oompa Loompa orange that too much tanner can cause. 

This product is also sold in wipes, gels, and sprays, as well as temporary color options. I am a fan of the wipes as well. If I'm going for a really dark look and don't want to spend a week building up the color, I use the wipes to buff on the color first. I use 2 wipes (1 for legs and stomach, 1 for back arms and chest) and rub in circular motions to make sure I have completely even coverage.

I let that layer dry for around 10 minutes, and then apply the lotion on top.

You can find this at most grocery stores, drugstores, Amazon and mass retailers such as Walmart and Target.

Disclaimer: This product was not given to me nor was I compensated for this review in any way. This product was purchased by myself with my money because I felt like it. That's how I roll.


  1. I used to use this stuff ALL the time but after getting an airbrush tan, I just don't think it compares. Although nothing beats a natural tan!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. Sounds great, thanks for the tips as well :) Will definitely look out for this! x


  3. This one is great, but you definitely need to try Xen Tan. I came across it a few months back and fell in LOVE. Best self tanner I have found. You can get it at Ulta and it smells like vanilla. I did a post about it.

  4. This is my FAVORITE tanner too! Works especially great on your face without any causing annoying breakouts!
    xo, KathrynLaine.

  5. I've heard great things about the wipes but haven't gotten around to trying them yet!! I'll definitely have to look for them next time I'm out!

  6. Stumbled across your blog, love your outfits and great bronzing tips! Everyone can use a nice little bronze here and there!

    xo, Megan


  7. Britt - I wanted to let you know that I tagged you with the "Liebstar Award" on my blog today - no pressure to accept or repost or anything, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog!

  8. Love this stuff and the instant tan version. Us pale girls have to stick together with recommendations!

  9. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing..


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