{The Stud Muffin} Eat Mor Meat

28 April 2012

 I like chicken. Micah likes cow. 

Since I refuse to eat anything that once had eyelashes, every once in a while, he cooks a non chicken meal to prevent him from growing feathers and beak. If you ask him, too much chicken could be disfiguring and every man needs a good steak and beer once in a while.
Rib-eye steak
1 Tsp Coarse sea salt
1/2 Tsp Cracked pepper
3 Springs fresh rosemary
3 Cloves garlic
Pat of butter

1/2 Lb brussel sprouts
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper
3/4 Tbsp coarse mustard
1 lemon
1/2 Can light beer
 2 Tbsp Parmesan
1. Heat oven to 500 degrees
2. Heat cast iron pan on stove until 'screamin' hot with EVOO
3. Season steak with salt and pepper to taste
4. Brown garlic cloves in hot oil until browned on both sides and remove
5. Sear steak until carmelized on both sides ~1.5 minutes each side
6. Place garlic and rosemary on steak with pat of butter
7. Place in oven 

Medium Rare: 5 minutes
Medium: 7 minutes
Medium Well: That's just wrong.
Well Done: You wasteful showboat.

8. Remove from oven and plate
{Brussel Sprouts}
When steak is on stove, combine all veggie ingredients (minus parmesan and lemon) into pan and simmer until beer reduces down and sprouts are carmelized. Finish with squirt of lemon and parmesan to taste.


  1. Yum! SO hungry right now! :) I love your new header by the way! :)

    Love, Rachel

  2. This meal sounds absolutely delicious! I'm definitely going to use that brussel sprouts recipe.

  3. Hahaha... "I refuse to eat anything that used to have eyelashes..." You crack me up Britt!!

  4. Oh yum. I don't normally eat Brussel sprouts, but these actually look good!

  5. My husband and I both love steak, this looks delish. Haha, you are too funny! Have a nice weekend.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. You are such a talented cook! And I love that you won't eat anything that "once had eyelashes". That's a heck of a way to think about it. I'm pretty conflicted about meat, and have flirted with vegetarianism for years, although I might have to make an exception for this recipe. ;) What camera/lens are you shooting with? Your pics are great.

    1. Haha thanks! When I was in 4th grade, I saw a cow killed and vowed to never eat anything with fur, and cows have long sweet eyelashes. So somehow it morphed into never eating anything that had eyelashes, so I stick to chicken, turkey and fish.

      I shoot with a 50mm lens on a Canon T3i! I shoot full manual with a fast shutter speed and 1.8 aperture.

  7. yummy this just made me so hungry : ) will have to try!

    xo SideSmile,

  8. Mmmmm... I Will try it!!!




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