Coloring Outside the Lines

20 April 2012

I have been trying to expand my shopping arena. 

I shop like I order food. I may peruse the menu, but I always go back to my original order. The one I get every time. Same with shopping. I go to the same few stores over and over again, and neglect glaringly obvious ones. 
Take Kohl's for instance. I knew they had 'celebrity lines' but I usually find those a little much, and ridiculously overpriced because there's a famous name on the tag. I walked into Kohl's the other day on the hunt for a navy and white striped maxi dress and ran across the LC Lauren Conrad line. Once I started looking at the styles (and the prices!) I wondered why I hadn't stopped at Kohl's before?

I have always liked her style, and she never has an unflattering moment. She is the perfect balance of the girl next door and the girl you always wished you could be, and her style is relatable, approachable and translates to real life flawlessly.
As for the product, the quality is much better than I would have expected, and the colors and prints all translate well in real life. The pink dress above actually has a faint cream polka dot print, and the florals are all very detailed and richly colored. The fit is questionable with many of the items, namely the dresses, but then again, Lauren Conrad I am not :)
As I wandered through the pastel and floral infused selections, I started getting a little overwhelmed with all the items I would buy with an unlimited budget. I reigned myself in and chose a few items to try on, hoping for a miracle. 

It so happened that most everything I tried on needed to be sized up or down, so I went to the interwebs, hoping for more luck. I ordered a few of the pieces seen here, and fingers crossed they work!
Check out more of her style and tutorials on beauty, decor and food on her website, as well as Pinterest! There are a ton of things I want to try, and no better time than the present to get started.


  1. Big fan of the LC Laurne Conrad line. Such feminine pieces at great prices!!

  2. I just followed her Pinterest a couple of days ago. I've always gone right to her little section once I get inside Kohl's :) I think her things are just so feminine and pretty.

    I bet your new things will work great!

  3. I love the Lauren Conrad line, I have always found her style to be feminine and romantic. Can't wait to see what you got! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. I usually never wander into Kohls, but I did here she created a line for them. The ones you posted up are super sweet and feminine, and probably do appeal to a lot of girls. I feel like you can get those same look at f21 for cheaper though. But either way, a pretty dress scored is a pretty dress scored :)

    1. See, that's what I thought too about the prices. The beauty is Kohl's is always having a sale, and there's always a coupon so I got each top for about $22. The quality is better than Forever 21 and there was a more consistent selection!

  5. I really like that line, too, and got a LC turquoise trench coat that I've just about worn to death!

  6. YES!! Once you go Kohl's, you never turn back... at least not for me! I recently discovered the LC line too and I'm in LOVE with the Rock & Republic jeans... they always send great coupons too, which keeps you coming back for more :) Plus their in house lines like Sonoma are super inexpensive and great quality for basics! Theres a whole lotta Kohl's goin' on on my blog!! :)
    xo, Kathrynlaine.

  7. She has some super cute stuff and I adore her style. You described it perfectly.


  8. What a coincidence, that yesterday I crabbed her book from my nightstand after a really long time, and here you have a post about her clothes - nice :) But I feel kind of sad that I have a limited budget right now, but will definitely check out the Pinterest & Kohls site.. :>

    Indie by heart

  9. I love her style too! Not sure why I've never purchased anything from her lines at Kohl's. Did you see her latest spread in Glamour? I loved the dresses she wore there & thought she looked so pretty. I hope the stuff you ordered works out! :o)

  10. I've always wondered what the quality level was like! Since I'm on a spending freeze, I've been looking for ways to "get" a trend without paying big bucks--maybe LC is the way to go ;) jealous of your order! hope you have a great weekend! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  11. I love her Pinterest stuff - but annoyingly our Kohl's does not sell much of her stuff at all. And I hate to order things online before trying them on in person! She does have great taste.

  12. did you happen to see her when she was in austin a few days ago? i went and had a terrible seat, but goodness is she pretty in person! and i've definitely always had a problem with the sizing of her clothes, which is unfortunate because they are so beautiful and well-made. i can't wait to see what you bought!

  13. Khol's is great! They always seem to have some great finds! They have a good shoe department too! I need actually should stop by a store soon, myself. Thanks for the reminder! :)



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