Instagram Catch Up

14 September 2012

As I have been shopping for and working on the multiple house projects, I have neglected my beloved camera. In replacement of the camera has been my trusty Instagram. I figured that it isn't the best, but it will at least go to show that I am in fact alive and am actually leaving my house. Thank heavens for camera phones, or else I'd have zero proof that I have regressed into a full blown decor hermit.

So, here's a little catch up of what's been happening for the last month or so.

Gird your loins. This is a fun filled montage.

Clockwise from top left:  Domino, my love. |  Antiques Roadshow on the bike |  Painting day |
Color planning | Cutest alarm clock ever | Meeting Kenley Lane Foster
| 3 generations of bling | That's some meatloaf |


  1. Cute pics! i need to follow you on instagram asap... going to NOW

  2. Those kind of alarm clocks are the BEST. I speak from experience.

    Cute pictures! =)

    x Laura


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