{Beauty Mark} Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Serum

12 September 2012

I'm a big proponent of prevention and preservation. It is much easier to maintain a healthy state of being, whether that be health, weight or skin than to constantly fluctuate, or to fight against neglect. Get regular check ups, be in tune with your body, and know what you put in it. It's much easier to prevent than undo. 

As far as my skin goes, I'm kind of a nut. I'm the un-fun friend at the beach with the big hat, large sunglasses, muumuu and SPF 70 sunscreen. I get cranky in the sun, and prefer air conditioning at all costs. I'm also the color of paper. So, skincare is important for me, as I'm going to age as well 'as a yellow rose in a tornado' without a heck of a lot of prevention. Was that old southern lady enough for ya? You're welcome.

After a long summer with lots of sun, chlorine and ehrm, refreshments, some find themselves a little worse for wear. They're also prepping for colder, drier months ahead with chilly winds and chapped skin and maybe want to try to undo the summer damage and protect through the winter. 
Along with a good diet full of healthy fats, proper hydration and minimal abuse, skin will remain well preserved. Granted, not everyone can live in a humidified dome and feed on a steady diet of avocados and salmon. So things like Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Anti Wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Serum are a lifesaver. It's great for helping refinish the look of your skin by leaving it velvety and moisturized, with a lessened appearance of wrinkles. 

I tend to scowl in my sleep, and wake up with lines between my eyebrows that look like '11', and two horizontal lines across my forehead. I even sleep on a satin pillowcase and yet I still wake up with some serious dents. I use this nightly and I've noticed over the last few months that the '11' looks less severe, and the creases under my eyes have greatly softened. This stuff really helps keep my skin looking glowy and smooth.

This is a mild retinol, so be prepared for some light stinging and peeling the first week. Also, if at all possible, apply this at night before going to bed. Exposure to sunlight combined with the serum can be very harmful to the new layer of skin that's now exposed. Also remember to wear an SPF 15 or higher during the day to protect that new baby skin.

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  1. Britt, like you, I avoid the sun like the plague! Here in AZ I go as far as carrying an umbrella every time I have to go outside! And that's after slathering myself with 70-100 SPF zinc oxide based sunscreen. This sounds like a great option for an over-the-counter retinoid and I'll definitely have to check it out!


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