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04 September 2012

Question of the Month:
If you could only decorate your home in 1 color, what color would it be, and why?

{Ashley says} This shouldn’t be this easy, but I knew right away what color I would choose!  Gray!  I think it’s so calming and pretty.  It goes with everything and it’s not as harsh as other neutrals.  It may sound dreary, but I think it would be beautiful!  Ask my husband, our bedroom is painted in 2 shades of gray and we love it!  It’s the most relaxing room in our house.

Hi there!  My name is Ashley and I blog over at Pinecone Garden.  While most of my time is spent being a mom and keeping a house seemingly clean, once in a while I will jump on and talk about myself and my family for the entire internet to see!  I have big plans for the future of my blog, so I hope you will stay tuned!  Think recipes, tutorials, DIY beauty recipes, thrifting fun, etc.  I’d love to do an outfit post if I ever leave the house with something that isn’t covered in baby drool!  Maybe I’ll start a new disheveled outfit post trend!  *winks*

More often than I blog, I craft.  Sewing, painting, knitting, what have you.  I love it all.  Sewing has been a long time passion of mine and working with recycled leather has just come into the mix!  My aspirations are more than time allows most days.  But, when I am able to actually finish something and I think others will love it as much as I do, I list it on my Etsy shop.   My shop has evolved so much in the short time I have had it and probably will so much more as I become inspired to try new things.  I hope you stop by and visit my shop and blog soon! 

Britt, thank you so much for having me at Secondhand Magpie.  You’ve been a joy to work with and I hope that we can continue blogging together! 

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