Humble Brag

18 September 2012

Aside from my ever growing home and closet improvement projects, I've been warming up my camera skills after nearly a month of neglect. 

After doing my original post on Max's Haus in New Braunfels, I was invited back by Norma, the owner of the shop, to take some updated photos of the store. She not only asked me to return every couple of weeks to take updated photos of stock, but she asked that I help run the photo section of the shop's website and Facebook. I was beyond flattered, and couldn't believe my little old photos made the cut! 

To add to the excitement, she wants to compile my best photos and submit them to Texas Monthly for a feature on her store! I was completely speechless when she delivered the offer. Granted, even if the photos never make it past the website, I'm beyond honored that she saw something worth representing her beautiful little space.

If you find yourself 'round these parts and have a need for some antique lovelies, check her out. 

This is the new shop kitty. She needs a name.
Sleep tight, shop kitty.


  1. that is so great friend!! proud of you!

  2. That's awesome news! The pictures are really beautiful. Looks like my kinda shop... wish I could stop by and browse through all these goodies.

    x Laura

  3. these photos are killer! i would gladly hang many of them around my little apartment because the colors and composition are so darn pretty. not to mention that cat! you should win photog of the year just for those cat pictures.

  4. name the cat "kitty cat kitty cat whisker whisker kitty cat." I like that name

  5. New reader! I love your blog, and I LOOOVE your photos! You are very talented!

  6. hey! i found u on IFB, cool pics!

    i just followed u on gfc and bloglovin, would love if u could do the same


  7. The kitty is sooo adorable. Great post.


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