Let The Fun Begin

31 May 2012

Now the fun starts.

The nerves are gone, the music is on and it's time for some fun photos. This was my favorite time of the wedding. I got to relax, enjoy my guests and have some excellent Mexican food. Plus, I got to see everyone who came out for our big day.

We wanted our reception to be more like a big party for our friends and family. We didn't want to weigh it down with too many formalities, speeches and traditions. So we did just that.

The reception kicked off with our first dance and went straight into food and fun. The music was a collection of songs we put together on our trusty iPod and plugged it into the speakers. No DJ needed! It moved into a couple of toasts, the opening of the candy bar and more food, sangria and dancing.

People really do mean it when they say the day flies by. Thank heavens for these photos, or else I probably would have forgotten most of it by now.
We made 100 of these bad boys.
Shiner Bock Beer Cupcakes. Heavenly.


  1. Britt, you seriously looked SO GORGEOUS on your wedding day! I'm absolutely obsessed with your bridal party pictures, they are just so fun.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. Looks like you had such a fun time! Your mustache photo props are so funny! You are so right about the wedding day flying...it was def the fastest day of my life.

    Enter to win a clutch!

  3. looks like so much fun. i love all of these pictures. but really. so cute. i love weddings so thank you for giving me my fix of cute wedding photos for the day :)



  4. simply stunning, all of the these photos are just that, what a great time you guys had!!

  5. Wow, these are amazing. You had an awesome venue and an amazing wedding from the looks of it!

  6. This looks like the best wedding ever. Love these pictures, really make me smile! :D and you are stunning.


  7. Seriously why does everyone look good in mustaches... even us ladies? Cracks me UP!

  8. Once again, you look stunning! The reception looked like so much fun; I LOVE the mustahces! You and your husband are a beautiful couple. Congrats!

  9. Your wedding looks like exactly what I would love... a big party with food, drinks and good music! Beautiful pictures!

  10. Those pictures are SO incredibly beautiful and fun! Just the right mix between romantic and happiness! Love them!!

  11. Just found you through The Magnolia Pair. I'm a fellow sponsor :)
    These wedding photos are absolutely gorgeous lady!
    I'm a new follower now and can't wait to read more.
    Lauren @ lemon trees and bumble bees


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