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20 May 2012

  This week has been very eventful, and it's a miracle I've been able to post at all! Friday night, we had a blogger friends game night with a bunch of ladies in Austin hosted by Ruthie. I got to catch up with Mallorie, Nikol, Amanda, Shalyn and Jenni! Sadly, I was having too much fun and forgot to snap a bunch of photos. I'll be linking up with them when they do their posts! 

We also celebrated the high school graduation of our cousin Rebekka and ran in a crazy hard adventure race! If you're reading this on Sunday morning or afternoon, I'm probably still running it, sweating my butt off, wishing I was in a reclining chair having a Chipotle salad.
Clockwise from top left: Outfit Post {finally!} | Graduation attire | I sent Micah to the store for cold meds, and he came back wearing this | Blogger husband paparazzi | Arm candy | Little friend at Forever 21 |

 Also, check out the feature that Denver Dress Up did about Secondhand Magpie! I'm so flattered, and everyone should give her a visit!


  1. Cute necklace, deer ♥ , outfit...and men :D sweet.

    Indie by heart

  2. I love the blouse you are wearing!

    also, love the Iron Man thing...hehe


  3. I LOVE that look of you that blouse is to die for. And I want your glasses. The other pics are cute too!



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