Instagram of the Week

06 May 2012

This past week has been a blur, and surprisingly, I've managed to capture some photos with my handy Instagram. I'm really loving having this app, and it has made my little everyday moments so much more fun to capture!

Clockwise from top left:  Roadtrip sunset | Flat for miles | Peppermint Patty Love | Cottonwood Snow | Pomegranate truffle with mom | New camera bag | Gift from mom | Sunday morning kitty time | New glasses

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  1. lovely photos and super cute blog! xx

  2. That necklace is way cute. Yay for moms!

  3. these photos are so pretty! gotta love the peppermint patty love! they're my favorite chocolate ever...especially when frozen...mmm mmm good! And that is a super cute necklace your mom got you :)

  4. Love all these pictures - especially the kitty. He looks like my Watson :)



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