Instagram Catch Up Time

27 June 2012

I've been a bit of a slacker with Instagram. I thought I'd put a little update out there in case you've just been aching for my pics (because I know you are.) 

Check out daily updates on @thesecondhandmagpie

Clockwise from top left:  My new necklace from Adrian @ Shalott Lilly  |  New Target wedges  |  Mustache clutch. Amazing   |  Morning tea  |  Gorgeous jar lights  |  Baby shower in mint  |  My chandelier I found in a trashcan!  |  Our new dining table!

Fake It 'Til You Make It

26 June 2012

{Dress} Target  {Wedges} Target  {Bracelet} Forever 21
These faces are what happens when I have a headache, am standing outside in 106 degree temperatures and am wondering what the heck to write with this post. I have found myself at such a loss for writing lately. I am trying to focus more on outfit posts and hoping that the words come naturally. In other news, Micah and I finally found a home, and I am obsessed with these wedges. Insanely comfortable (both home and wedges) and perfect for summer (just wedges). 

Target is going to be the death of me this summer. Or the heat. 

I've missed you guys. Friends again?

Thank You For Being a Friend

25 June 2012

After the last couple of weeks of house hunting, numbers crunching and floor plan arranging, I have found myself incredibly stressed. Some people turn to wine, some turn to isolation. I turn to the familiar. Including all of my old favorite TV shows: Wings, Frasier, I Love Lucy, Golden Girls. My heart and head hurt a little less when I ensconce myself in the tried and true songs and sights of my childhood. My grandmother was a large part of why I watched all of these shows.

Lately, I have found myself missing her, and after having spent a day with her sister, my great Aunt and fellow trouble maker, she's been on my mind. I have caught myself humming Golden Girls tunes more than anything. That was our show. After I lost my grandmother when I was 15, I knew that I would always be able to find her in the four women of this show. So when Micah and I got engaged last year, I knew who I would invite in place of my grandmother. I attached this letter along with my invitation, and it was the hardest, most intimate thing I've ever written. It was a stretch, and I never heard back, but it made my heart sting a little less knowing this letter was somewhere in the world.
Dear Ms. White,

My name is Brittany, and I have been a nearly lifelong fan of you and your work. Granted, I am only 25, but I grew up watching Golden Girls with my grandmother, and the four of you became a staple in my household over the years. My love for the show and the characters you women played is widely known, as most people like to poke fun of my set of the entire series on DVD and constant quoting of the characters!

I know it may seem odd to receive a wedding invitation from a stranger, but I promise it’s for a reason. I never thought I would marry, especially this early in my life. I am about to graduate with my Master’s and found myself taking the next step in life on my own. And then out of left field, I met an incredible man who loves me, Golden Girls obsession and all. As a bonus, my future father in law is a veterinarian, and that sure helps me out with my little shelter animal problem! I can’t ever seem to say no to a pair of sad dog eyes or pitiful cat purrs, and it is murder on a graduate student’s wallet. But I can’t help loving animals and the sense of love and devotion they give, regardless if we humans deserve it or not! I had always joked that if I ever got married, I would love to have the cast from Golden Girls be my honorary grandmothers, and now it looks like at least half of that is coming true! We are getting married May 28, 2011!

I had never realized that getting married meant that all of my family will be in one place together, which is a feat, considering everyone in my family has been divorced at least once. In writing out my wedding programs, I realized I did not have a grandmother to be a part of the ceremony. She took her own life when I was a sophomore in high school, and since then the world hasn’t been as saucy without her. She was a real handful, and passed that spice down to both my mother and I. In considering my bent and broken family tree, I realized that with the amount of time I have spent watching your shows and movies over the years, including GG, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Proposal, You Again, Hot in Cleveland and many others, I got to feel like Rose, Dorothy, Sophia and Blanche were a part of the family. 

Going through high school and college without her, I felt like I was able to have that wit and wisdom that only a grandmother can provide when I watched the show. I feel like for the time, the show really touched on some progressive issues, and that grandmother of mine was always pushing the envelope with her “forward” thinking. The four of you all represented sides of her, and I feel like she isn’t really gone sometimes when I hear that familiar song start over the television. It reminds me of being 5 years old, snuggled down in her bed and sneaking York Peppermint Patties from her bedside table as I watched the four of you get into hi jinx and hilariously compromising situations.

I don’t want you to think this is a letter requesting a gift or anything of that nature. This is my thanks to you for being a part of such a wonderful show that has provided millions of people happiness and laughter over the years. I am sad to not be able to send this to any of the other “Girls”, but thought that maybe you could pass along my gratitude!

So in closing, I just wanted to say that the show gave me a part of my life back that was taken far too early. And I wanted to say thank you for being a friend.


A Little Breathing Room

20 June 2012

This week has completely spiraled out of control. I have barely been on to check anything, and this home search is eating all of my free time. I will be taking a break for the next few days to get caught up on work and put my energy to the home search. I'm going a little out of my mind trying to find a house with air conditioning, wood floors and more than 1000 sq ft for under $1800. Sounds easy, right?

Not in Austin. Homes disappear sometimes before they even hit the market. And that's the rentals. I can't imagine trying to buy here. With rents like this, we may never get to. I have a been a nervous, wine drinking, caffeine chugging wreck. A dangerous combination at best. I promise I will be catching up on outfit posts and such this weekend. I haven't been this overwhelmed in a while, and just need a mini breather. 

See you guys Monday!

Monday Again

18 June 2012

Please excuse my absence today. I was out of town all weekend for a baby shower and have been editing some outfit posts for later this week, so a post hasn't been in the works yet. Apparently I'm incredibly boring on the weekends, because without two days of alone time to finish up things from the week, I'm rendered completely blog-less.

 Good things are on the way people. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, enjoy this.

Happy Monday.

From Blog Life to Real Life

15 June 2012

Of course I would do everything a day late. 

Today I'm linking up with Lovely Little Things and The Magnolia Pair for "From Blog Life to Real Life"! I have so many different bloggers that I love for different reasons, and this a perfect opportunity to share them with you! Plus, I love answering questions about myself. 

Oh, wipe that smirk off your face

1. Do you have any real life blog friends?  
I have a lovely group of lady blogger friends here in Austin that I don't get to see near enough of. I have known Jenni from Story of My Life since we were unable to drive ourselves around, or style ourselves respectably for that matter. Through her, I have had the pleasure of meeting Mallorie, Ruthie, Shalyn, Nikol and Amanda. I also love me some Shanna of Because Shanna Says So. She's another Austin blogger who I've had the pleasure of meeting (and arranging some Forever 21 time with!)

2. Which blogger are you just dying to meet?
I think it would be so fun to spend some time with Jentine of My Edit because she's snarky, hilarious and has such an awesome job (landscape designer)! Plus, her style is always so unique and she does her own thing. I also think Megan from Across the Pond is pretty much amazing, and she talks about peeing in tubes. C'mon.

3. Which blogger's closet do you want to raid?
I love Yi-Chia from Always Maylee. Granted, I wouldn't be able to fit her pants over my calf, but I'd like to stand back and admire from afar. I'm also a huge fan of  Christine from To Brighten My Day and Maria from Little Tree Vintage.

4. You are stuck on an island. Which blogger would you want with you to help you survive?
I'd have to say Jentine again. Mostly because she's tough and has no issue working hard and getting dirty!

5. The first blogger you remember "meeting" and connecting with?
Hm. I met quite a few lovely ladies at the Texas Style Council a few months back and I first bonded with Joanne at Fabulously Average over french fries and sparkly rings. Blog wise, I absolutely fell in love with my 'blog twin' Lauren after finding her on IFB. We both had so much in common and crack each other. True love, right?

6. Any blogger that you admire and look up to?
I really love Julia at Gal Meets Glam. She has beautiful style and grew her blog relatively quickly, and I can't ever picture her having an off day! I also love bloggers who aren't afraid to speak their mind, like Abbey at Along Abbey Road.

7. Who is the craziest/funniest blogger?
This is hard because as much as I love outfits, blog design and recipes, I'm a sucker for a hilarious blogger. I'm just going to list them. Jentine from My Edit, Aunie from Aunie SAUCE, Amy from My Life and Other Nonsense, Lauren from Clean Up Nicely,

8. There's a reality television show for bloggers, who would you want to be casted with you?
Depends on the show. If it were something like Project Runway- Merrick from Merrick's Art, because the girl is a natural with that sewing machine. Plus I'm maybe a little obsessed with her name. If it were a show on living retro, I would choose Kate from Scathingly Brilliant, because she has the best Mad Men-esque wardrobe I've seen. Plus, a pink mini beehive is involved. I really think I'd be happy with whoever, just to meet new people and see new things in blogging!

9. Some bloggers have really cool jobs, anybody you'd like to swap careers with?
Honestly, I really, really love my job. But, Mara from M loves M has a pretty fabulous job working as a buyer and stylist for Ruche.

10. Favorite blog design? 
My brain is toast. I can't say one or even two, because there are so many fun styles out there, and everyone has such a unique perspective, that I kind of love them all! Perfect pageant answer. *Waves*

Also, Jentine, please don't think I'm a crazy person. I tried to make this at less creepy as possible. Because putting you in 3 different questions isn't too weird, right...? Anybody?

Full Blown Nest Obsessed

14 June 2012

I will be the first to admit. I love moving. I hate packing. 

How these two go together is beyond me, but I love the new space, the new place to explore, the endless paint color options. We have two weeks to make a decision as to whether we are going to stay in our little 750 sq ft house, or move to something with more room (and hopefully a closet). We have been on the hunt for what will hopefully be our last rental until we buy. 
Micah and I are torn on whether to stay in our little house and suffer through the lack of space, absence of a dining table and multiple college aged neighbors or to move a mile or two north and pay a good bit more for some extra space, quieter neighbors and dinners where we aren't tempting fate by eating every meal on our couch.
All of this talk of moving is making me ache for our own place, where I can install wainscoting throughout the house, bold printed wallpaper, molding around the ceiling, heavy painted wood doors with glass doorknobs and subway tile in the bathroom. I'm anxious to pick out wall colors, hang lights in the backyard, build a screened in sun porch.
I've been cruising, Craigslist and shamelessly driving through neighborhoods, pretending I'm actually in the market for a place. Because of this, I've been blowing up my Pinterest lately, planning and dreaming of the day I can make my own little nest from found treasures, re-purposed pieces and family heirlooms. I want to start all of these fun projects now, but our 750 sq ft of nest won't fit one more piece of anything. Trust me. I've tried.
  I'm in full nesting mode, but without that pesky down payment to help me out.

Full nesting mode minus the baby, mind you. None of that monkey business.

Also, a big CONGRATS to Christy, the $50 Shabby Apple giveaway winner! 

Beauty Mark: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Styling Oil

13 June 2012

I will always be a blonde. 

In the summers, however, I tend to be more 'Children of the Corn' than blonde if I'm not careful. The sun in Texas bleaches out my hair quickly, leaving it dry and frizzy, but then greasy at the roots. Well, I found a solution for the greasy part. But the fried ends and rough texture were still a problem.

I discovered this product a couple of years ago on accident. I had my hair cut and had a blowout done, but my hair never turns out right if someone else tries to straighten it. So after the blowout, I asked if she had any frizz serum or light oil for my ends, since they were the consistency of hay. She told me to look around in her basket to see if I wanted to try anything, and I found this little gem.  
Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Styling Oil is a lightweight serum that smells like ginger and chamomile (yum!), and it turns my dry hair into silk. You can apply this pretty liberally without risking greasy, limp hair, and it gives my hair a soft shine without weighing it down. I would, however, advise to not put it on your roots, or anywhere close. Think of the hair that hangs past the elastic in a ponytail. That is the area to target with this stuff.

It's a great product for summer if you need to help protect and nourish areas damaged from the sun, harsh water and heat, and the static, blowdryer and winds of winter. I highly recommend this product all around, and if you're looking for a moderately priced product that will last you a year or more, this is your stuff!

My Boyfriend Secret

12 June 2012

{Shirt} Thrifted  {Skirt} Forever 21 
{Belt} Forever 21  {Bangles} Forever 21
How is it already almost the middle of June? "Well, Britt, because last week was the first week of June..." Yeah, gotcha. It just seems like this year has been flying by, and every time I look up from what I'm doing, I've missed a week. Or two.

I hopped on iTunes the other day for the first time in months to check out some new music, and realized I was seriously behind on my purchases. I forgot the thrill of listening to my new purchases on repeat. Kind of like wearing my new favorite purchases (ahem, yellow maxi skirt 3x in a week) obsessively. It's so easy to spend on iTunes... just click and *poof* it's yours! Here's a little playlist of what I've been listening to.

{Summer Is Over} Jon McLaughlin ft. Sara Bareilles 
{Breath of Life} Florence and the Machine
{Naked Eye} Oxford
{Colors} April Smith and the Great Picture Show
{Specks} Matt Pond PA
{Landline} Greg Laswell ft. Ingrid Michaelson 
{That Wasn't Me} Brandi Carlisle
{Crazy Love} Audra Mae

Also, am I the only one strangely intrigued with Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" song? 
Don't you judge me.

Instagram of the Week

11 June 2012

{Clockwise from top left} Balloons in the sunset | Surprise flowers | Good morning kitty | Fresh picked peaches | Hummingbird cake | He thinks he's people | Good night lights | $25 Outfit 

You can find me everyday at @thesecondhandmagpie on Instagram!

Don't forget about the Shabby Apply Giveaway! It ends Wednesday at 12am CST!

Oyster Race Austin 2012

08 June 2012

For some reason, I think it's a great idea to sign up for these races with friends. I don't usually train much for them ahead of time, and end up paying the price about 2 miles in. This was my 2nd Oyster Race, and while it was insanely tiring, we had a blast!

The Merrell Oyster Urban Adventure Race is a grueling all day race through the city of Austin on foot and bikes. The race travels all over the US to different cities throughout the year. The event was sponsored by Merrell, Chipotle, Whole Foods, Camp Gladiator, The Expedition School, GU, Larabar, Deschute's Brewery, and many more! Proceeds went to Camp Kesem, a free overnight summer camp for children who have or has had a parent with cancer.

Teams consist of either 3 or 6 players and can compete in co-ed, all men or all women teams. Players are given clues at their home base and either must bike or run to each location. There are 6 locations total, and once players reach the location, they must compete in a challenge. This year, the teams competed in:

A Statue Hunt
Shoe Launching and Redneck Horseshoes
Pool Hockey
The Fit Pit
Stand Up Paddleboarding
Beer Pong

The mileage for this year totaled over 25 miles running and cycling in around 5 hours. And yes, we all walked away with both legs still attached.

Our team, Honeys and Nuts, placed 6th overall with a time of 5 hours and 5 minutes! We also won best race outfit with a $50 Merrell gift certificate and a free race shirt!

Check out the website for more information, other cities, as well as how to participate!

Hi-Low Can You Go

07 June 2012

{Top} Forever 21  {Jeans} Rue 21  {Wedges} Payless 
{Earrings} Forever 21  {Bangles} Forever 21
{Sunnies} Forever 21

As much as I love clothes, I rarely buy items with incredibly 'trendy' touches. I think part of it is I buy so many thrifted pieces, I don't even think about trying them out. 

I just bought my first top with a 'bold' zipper down the back, and am still adjusting to looking like I was put back together by Humpty Dumpty's backup crew. I made an attempt with a pleated hi-low skirt, and I think due to my height, or really lack thereof, I just looked like I put the skirt on in a rush, leaving it two different lengths. 

I suppose if I wore it with sky high heels or wedges it would work, but I also suppose that the skirt would look even sillier on someone laying flat on their face. That's exactly where I would end up if I tried to wear anything sky high. 

Nature clearly recommended that I stay low to the ground, and I plan to do just that. 

But, I did venture into the world of hi-low tops. I now own two, and although I have to fight the urge to tuck the back in, I like the effect. I tried it out with pants first, as I wasn't sure if it would too long for shorts. Turns out, it's not. And thank Heavens, because I absolutely cannot wear pants past 80 degrees here. 

In this heat, give me skirts or give me death.

Also, don't forget about the $50 Shabby Apple giveaway!

Shabby Apple Giveaway {CLOSED}

06 June 2012

Well lordy be. 

I do believe I have my first sponsored giveaway! This is so exciting for me, seeing as how I started this blog only a few months ago. I would have never imagined being here, and have all of you to thank for it! 

I wanted to celebrate my blog hitting 250 followers with a $50 giveaway to Shabby Apple!

Shabby Apple is an online boutique that caters to those of us who like to be feminine, stylish and a little more covered up. They are most well known for their dresses that don't require a coverup, slip or cardigan. They make beautiful, quality pieces that are an outfit in and of themselves: "A return to what dresses were always meant to be — a one-piece outfit. No need to add tank tops, no cardigans, nothing (except accessories, of course!)."

Their pieces are beautiful, modest, and Mad Men-esque without being even a hint of matronly. They also have a fabulous Fit to Flatter tool that allows you to find the perfect dress to fit your shape with 3 easy questions. 
I am borderline obsessed with their Twin Palms collection. The styling is gorgeous, and I need that house. Stat.

As the ladies at Shabby Apple like to say, the women that wear their clothes are "beautiful for what they wear, not what they bare."

{To enter, you must}
Be a follower of Secondhand Magpie on Google Friend Connect
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(This giveaway is for US residents only. Sorry trans Atlantic friends!)

When you enter, visit their page and let me know what your favorite dress or item is in the comment!

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You Look Like 25 Bucks

05 June 2012

{Shirt} Forever 21  {Skirt} Thrifted 
{Wedges} Thrifted  {Necklace} Forever 21

Well thank ya kindly. 

If I haven't already made it known, I love me a good deal. This entire outfit was $25.

I get such a rush when I put on an outfit and total up the money spent on it. At this point, I have so many thrifted items in my closet that my outfits rarely cost over $75.

Shirt: $4.50
Skirt: $6
Necklace: $2.50
Shoes: $12

After coming into a new stage of my life, and actually having the money to spend on clothes, I catch myself still sneaking away for a long lunch at Plato's closet or Buffalo Exchange. After spending so much of my life finding clothes at thrifted prices, I have a hard time thinking that I can afford a $50 pair of jeans. What's even harder is convincing myself that it may be ok to spend that.

Yet somehow I have no issue spending $100 on toys and treats for my dogs in one run to Petsmart.

Also, I realized that I have an affinity for these colors/patterns together. Remember this?

That's A Wrap

04 June 2012

Wedding week is over! It was so fun to go back and look through all of the pictures from our big day!

Missed it? Check out the
 Engagement Photos
Getting Ready
The Dress!
The Ceremony
The Reception
The Decor

Also, no wedding is complete without the wedding trailer. The video and the trailer gave us such a different perspective of our big day, and without it, I doubt we would have remembered much! Plus, it allowed everyone who wasn't able to come (and you guys!) a chance to take a peek into the feel of the day.

Our video was produced by 1023 Media/The Wedding Theater here in Austin, and the guys seriously could not have done a better job. So, here is a recap of one of the happiest, most stressful and life changing days of my life.

 After all the fuss and hoopla were over, we were lucky enough to be featured on two different wedding blogs! 

A Paper Proposal Feature
I hope you all have enjoyed watching our love story step by step. It has been such an intense year, and I can't wait to finally settle into married life and see what it really has to offer!

The Little Things

01 June 2012

In wedding planning, there were few things more important than the decor. I wanted an excellent videographer/photographer, a one of a kind dress and handmade decor.

Well, and a one of a kind ring. Natch.

I spent months poring through thrift stores, consignment shops and garage sales for milk glass, blue jars, old books and other miscellaneous decor items to fill our reception with. I hand made countless vellum paper flowers for the gift area and mantles, mason jars for vases, framed chalkboards for menus, upholstered letters, cake stands, mustaches, banners, signs and labels.

And for the record, this was in the age before Pinterest.

Half of the fun was finding all of the little things to add a special touch to our day. We used owl salt and pepper shakers for our cake toppers, I found large blue vintage crystal clip on earrings to adorn my shoes and hand made my birdcage veil. Instead of a guest book, we found a poster by my favorite artist, Masha D'yans for everyone to sign, and it now hangs in our bedroom.

We had some serious snafu's with our decor, as the wedding coordinator threw everything I had planned out the window the day of the wedding and went with her own version of my ideas. I had hand made 70 blue mason jars to place around the venue with flowers, as well as to hold our bouquets and favors, but she went ahead and pocketed those, not using a single one.

Luckily for us, I found/made enough things to fill in the blanks. And I also got all my goodies back in a secret black-ops mission with my mom.

Oh, and I'll be posting a tutorial on how to make those in the very near future, as well as the cake stands!
Our cake, hand made by Micah's cousin Megan to match my dress!
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