A Little Breathing Room

20 June 2012

This week has completely spiraled out of control. I have barely been on to check anything, and this home search is eating all of my free time. I will be taking a break for the next few days to get caught up on work and put my energy to the home search. I'm going a little out of my mind trying to find a house with air conditioning, wood floors and more than 1000 sq ft for under $1800. Sounds easy, right?

Not in Austin. Homes disappear sometimes before they even hit the market. And that's the rentals. I can't imagine trying to buy here. With rents like this, we may never get to. I have a been a nervous, wine drinking, caffeine chugging wreck. A dangerous combination at best. I promise I will be catching up on outfit posts and such this weekend. I haven't been this overwhelmed in a while, and just need a mini breather. 

See you guys Monday!


  1. house searching is always hard, good luck my dear :)

  2. Good luck with the house hunt! Homes are crazy expensive here and so we just rent :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. I am in your shoes right now up here in Seattle! It is so stressful. This one property management company charges $80 per application and lets like 5 people apply and there is no refund if you don't get the house. You could end up applying to 20 houses before you get one. THEN they take first months, last months AND a deposit equal to a month's rent. That is like $6000 up front. Crazy. I wish you the best of luck. You will find a great house!

  4. Wish you the best of luck with the home search. I totally understand how time and energy consuming it can be :) I found your lovely blog in my IFB group and I am now following.Stop by and follow back if you like what you see :) You can also enter one of our fabulous giveaways :D

  5. good luck finding a place! :) i want to move to austin, and luckily it is cheaper there than san diego.

  6. Good luck lady!
    xo, Kathryn Laine

  7. Good luck with the home search, it alwasy is a stressful process! :)

    Seize the Styles

  8. Oh man, I hear you! I am moving to Cleveland with my boyfriend in a few short weeks and finding a place to live and all that crap that comes with it stinks! Good luck and focus on finding your future shelter! You certainly cant blog without a roof over your head. Good luck!

  9. Good luck with the house search, I know how stressful it can be! Your blog is adorable by the way, I just came across it. :)

  10. Hang in there doll! I understand how hard it is to find a good rental in a competitive market, but if you're patient I'm sure something great will come along. If not, there's always day drinking...

  11. good luck :D


  12. aww good luck!! home searching is always alittle tiring and a little stressful no matter what country. love your header! following your cute blog :)

    Couture Caddy


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