Instagram Catch Up Time

27 June 2012

I've been a bit of a slacker with Instagram. I thought I'd put a little update out there in case you've just been aching for my pics (because I know you are.) 

Check out daily updates on @thesecondhandmagpie

Clockwise from top left:  My new necklace from Adrian @ Shalott Lilly  |  New Target wedges  |  Mustache clutch. Amazing   |  Morning tea  |  Gorgeous jar lights  |  Baby shower in mint  |  My chandelier I found in a trashcan!  |  Our new dining table!


  1. love, love, LOVE the pictures! Instagram is the best :)

  2. I love your new table :-) it reminds me of the one my grandparents have in their kitchen

  3. that looks like a cool chandelier- good find!

    Lindsey Turner

  4. Love the mint dress Britt! Great colour on you :-)

    Vanessa x

  5. love your new necklace! and ur mint dress!:) miss ya girl! xo


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