Hi-Low Can You Go

07 June 2012

{Top} Forever 21  {Jeans} Rue 21  {Wedges} Payless 
{Earrings} Forever 21  {Bangles} Forever 21
{Sunnies} Forever 21

As much as I love clothes, I rarely buy items with incredibly 'trendy' touches. I think part of it is I buy so many thrifted pieces, I don't even think about trying them out. 

I just bought my first top with a 'bold' zipper down the back, and am still adjusting to looking like I was put back together by Humpty Dumpty's backup crew. I made an attempt with a pleated hi-low skirt, and I think due to my height, or really lack thereof, I just looked like I put the skirt on in a rush, leaving it two different lengths. 

I suppose if I wore it with sky high heels or wedges it would work, but I also suppose that the skirt would look even sillier on someone laying flat on their face. That's exactly where I would end up if I tried to wear anything sky high. 

Nature clearly recommended that I stay low to the ground, and I plan to do just that. 

But, I did venture into the world of hi-low tops. I now own two, and although I have to fight the urge to tuck the back in, I like the effect. I tried it out with pants first, as I wasn't sure if it would too long for shorts. Turns out, it's not. And thank Heavens, because I absolutely cannot wear pants past 80 degrees here. 

In this heat, give me skirts or give me death.

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  1. Love this outfit!!! You look FAB!


  2. The floral print is so cute on that top! I too switch to shorts when it's that hot out, I don't know how other people wear pants. I'm sweating just looking at them :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. This floral top is awesome, I just love the colors. Those green jeans look amazing on you. I am with you though, when it's hot out, I can't even be near a pair of pants.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Love that last picture! This my be my new favorite outfit of yours! hugs!

  5. I love those green jeans! They fit you perfectly!

  6. Love the colour of the jeans. They look great on you.

  7. this is a great oufit! love the top. you look great.


  8. I don't think I could pull off the high-low skirt trend either, partially because I haven't found a piece that looks flattering on me, and partially because I'm afraid of looking at myself in 10 years and go "what was i thinking?!" But high-low shirts I can do..love that they help cover my be-hind :-)

  9. Adorable outfit! I love those green pants & your colorful accessories!

    xx Louise
    A Little Beauty Luxury

  10. I love the print on that top, and combined with the green pants...so pretty! I love the bright bold colors, you look terrific!
    xo Hannah

  11. Such a pretty outfit! Love the colours :)

  12. This flower top is really pretty and I like the bracelets
    xo, Petra


  13. Beautiful! You look simply awesome! I dont understand how some women can wear skin tight jeans in 90 degree weather!


  14. Green pants always seem deceptively hard to style, but this is way cute.

  15. Cute jeans! I like your outfit (:


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