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04 June 2012

Wedding week is over! It was so fun to go back and look through all of the pictures from our big day!

Missed it? Check out the
 Engagement Photos
Getting Ready
The Dress!
The Ceremony
The Reception
The Decor

Also, no wedding is complete without the wedding trailer. The video and the trailer gave us such a different perspective of our big day, and without it, I doubt we would have remembered much! Plus, it allowed everyone who wasn't able to come (and you guys!) a chance to take a peek into the feel of the day.

Our video was produced by 1023 Media/The Wedding Theater here in Austin, and the guys seriously could not have done a better job. So, here is a recap of one of the happiest, most stressful and life changing days of my life.

 After all the fuss and hoopla were over, we were lucky enough to be featured on two different wedding blogs! 

A Paper Proposal Feature
I hope you all have enjoyed watching our love story step by step. It has been such an intense year, and I can't wait to finally settle into married life and see what it really has to offer!


  1. Loved reading all the wedding recaps. You were such a beautiful bride, the details were perfection and your photographer rocked! Thanks for sharing all the stories!

  2. Britt, I LOVED reading your story and seeing pictures from your engagement and wedding. You were a gorgeous bride and you had a beautiful wedding. Your video totally made me tear up!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. I really loved seeing the pictures of your great day. Unfortunately, I can't watch the trailer though (I live in Germany and there's stuff we can't watch because of some missing licenses...). But I guess, the trailer is just as beautiful as the pictures are!

  4. what a lovely video! I wish we would have done something like. It such a great keepsake.

  5. Just read all your wedding posts! Loved them! You were a gorgeous bride :) I'm getting married in 5 weeks (EEEK!) and noticed we have a lot of the same taste when it comes to decor. Mason jars, old decor too! :)

  6. Okay... I totally just got choked up. Especially on the part where you walk down the aisle. Absolutely beautiful :)

  7. I love that you did this! I hope to have some time this week to sit down and read through the couple I missed from last week. Excited to watch the trailer!

  8. Thank you for sharing! It seems like your wedding really represented your personalities, which are my favorite kind of weddings. Congrats on your first year of marriage!

  9. This video just brought me to tears! It was absolutely stunning and ya'lls vows were just beautiful!


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