You Can Pet My Peeve

26 July 2012

Well that didn't come out right. 

I consider myself a pretty even keel person. It takes a lot to get me to cry, and even more button pushing to make me yell. On a one to ten scale, I rarely leave my 3-7 zone of emotion. To see what it looks like to leave that zone, see this.

But if you really must know what turns me into a blonde haired version of the Incredible Hulk, you can find out what turns me into a complete, raging lunatic over at Ruthie's place today.

Don't judge.


  1. hahahahah I remember seeing that clip of Kristen...shes a little nuts :-)

  2. Love the sloth meltdown. This made me crack up. Pretty pictures on your blog, Brittany! P.S. My Robbie loves your Micah.

  3. Oh gosh, this video makes me laugh so hard!

  4. This clip makes me laugh so hard every time I see it!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Kristen Bell is great, seriously. I love this clip!

  6. ewww inconsiderate drivers!

    drop by and say hello!


  7. THANK YOU for that. That seriously made my night, so funny!

  8. I can't believe I haven't seen that before. Couldn't stop giggling! And the fact that Ellen brought a sloth at the end. LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  9. OMG That video is so ME!

  10. oh, I sadly, do this too. but it may have been "that" time of the month for me..I love Kristen Bell! and that she can laugh at herself too.

    found the route


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