{Sponsor Spotlight} Meet Rebecca

20 July 2012

This is it. My first official sponsor post. 

I stumbled across Becca's blog, Love Always on complete accident. And then I instantly fell in love. Becca, a fellow Austinite, is a junior at the University of Texas and studies magazine writing and editing, so blogging is a natural second step.

She's gorgeous to start, has fabulous style, and mixes in a healthy dose of life, thoughts and dreams into her posts. And the girl can run. Holy heck, she can run. She makes my customized running shoes jealous, because frankly, I don't let them live up to their full potential. 

 Here's a little sampling of what she has going on over there.
How Blogging Restores Her Faith in Humanity

The Big 2-1 in Vegas
Her Love For Live Music

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much, Britt! This was so sweet of you :)


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