Rain, Rain, Here to Stay

10 July 2012

Nothing is better than a rainy day. Something about it feels cozy, insulated and less aggressive than the Texas summer sun. It reminds me of my time in Seattle, listening to Death Cab and sipping my beloved soy chai and watching the city come alive under me.

The thunder rolling through Austin today is a slight departure from the quiet, heavy mist of Seattle, but it feels so alive, so forceful. It almost acts to invigorate me, and makes me want to be out in it to experience the full act nature has planned for us. Granted, I don't let my impulse rule, or else I'd a krispy kritter from a lightning bolt to the head. Although, it may be strong enough to straighten out this hair once and for all.

The rain also brings about a huge head of hair, as my curls like to soak up every ounce of moisture in the air. It also means outfit posts become a wee bit more difficult. So I thought I would leave you with this little photo I snapped last night while driving to the gym.

Also: Ruthie is hosting a giveaway on her blog today for a free month long 200x200 ad space on my blog! I'd love to have you, so hop on over and enter!


  1. I am pissed!! I am gone for a week and it rains!!!!!! jealous I am not home!

  2. It's like Seattle and Austin switched... its sunny and warm here and it is supposed to get up to EIGHTY TWO this weekend. Crazy!

  3. I think that photo is really neat ... it reminds me of being small and watching rain drops 'race' down the window. :)

  4. couldn't agree more with you!! love rain =)

  5. I really miss those Texas storms. The storms we get here in CT are nothing compared to those southern wash outs.

  6. You are making my mind travel to places I don't have time to fantasize about! haha You can never get enough of a good rainy day

  7. Yes, that's the weather report I hear from my sister who is in San Antonio for work this week. She was shocked! It's a welcome relief from the heat though, no? I hear ya on the big frizzy hair bit. Our humidity was at around 3000% last week, and I slightly resembled a lion. Like the male lion. Not pretty.- Hope your weekend is a great one!


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