Summer Bummer

17 July 2012

Sweat. Frizz. Mosquitoes. 

Yeah, I can't say I'm a huge hot weather fan. If my constant hiding under the shady areas and running a dead sprint for A/C isn't enough of an indication, my summer wardrobe should be. My rules for summer clothes are as follows:

{Don't stick to me}
             {Keep me covered}                     {Don't showcase the non-tan}

{Keep me cool}

So this leaves me with just a few things. Maxi dresses, maxi skirts, skirts of any kind if we're being honest, loose fitting tops. And wedges. Lots, and lots of wedges.

 What would you say your summer staples are?


  1. Ditto! I seriously live in skirts.. I call it my uniform. I also am a big fan of the Target v-neck tshirts. I buy them a few sizes too big so that I don't melt when it's a bazillion degrees outside (that's only slight exaggeration ;)

  2. I also live in skirts all summer...and I try to hide the lack of a tan.

    Penniless Socialite
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  3. hahah 'don't showcase the non tan' LOL!

  4. i grew up in south carolina (now living in northern ca), and I have to stay, i don't miss the sticky, sweaty summers! but flowy skirts and cotton tops are the way to go-- stay cool (and cute)! :)

  5. clothes that dont stick to you are a must. There is nothing worse than sweaty sticky clothes.

  6. I love skirts for summer! They also make me look put together when I am too lazy to try which is a plus! ;)

    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

  7. I LOVE maxi anything. So comfortable.

  8. LOVE this post! It's too f'n HOT! I give myself a migrane just thinking about what I should wear to work. We love summer...repeat after me, LOL!


  9. Awesome pin - I've felt like that way too many times :P I hate when things stick to me so I like to stick to summer dresses. The breeze on my legs is one of the most important things. I also enjoy a comfy pair of shorts and a simple tank.

  10. Hey there! Found your blog through IFB and am so glad I did. It's just lovely! LOVE this post, too. I live in Virginia and we've been dying with these 100-degree days. Makes getting dressed a little tricky. Thanks for the ideas!!


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