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24 April 2013

Sorry for the blog silence. We are currently in the throes of the Austin housing market. We jump up and run to a new listing within an hour of it hitting the market. We don't sleep after putting in offers. We have been competing against at least 10 other offers per house. I'm fried. I don't have a lot in my brain today, so I thought I'd post some unnecessary facts about me. Because this is a most pressing issue.

  1. When stressed, I revert to childhood and lock myself in a room and watch shows from my childhood. On my Top 5? The Little Mermaid, The Jetsons, Golden Girls, Cosby Show and I Love Lucy.
  2. I have enormous tonsils, making swallowing pills hard. Solution? I eat gummy vitamins instead. When I drink water, Micah likes to say I swallow like a baby cow.
  3. I hate ice in drinks. Yet I refuse to drink hot drinks. I will happily guzzle room temp or even warm has-been-sitting-in-the-car water. No ice, no steam.
  4. Velvet and corduroy give me the creeps, and make my hands itch.
  5. I may or may not still sleep with my newborn blanket wrapped up in my pillowcase. 


  1. I absolutely hate velvet and corduroy, too!!! Seriously, it makes my skin crawl.. asdifjsoifj.

    PS. Looking great in these pictures!!!!!

  2. love the gingham top! #3 is very interesting!! i have an ice obsession...i dump a couple trays into my glass :)

    Sisters Marie
    Start your Closet on BISTM!

  3. I love that gingham shirt! It was fun reading those 5 things though :) I love I Love Lucy too!


  4. I won't drink iced drinks, either. It always mystifies me when people want ice! That is a lovely outfit--and I can only imagine that the house hunting process is a crazy one. I might look forward to having my own home one day, but not really the process of looking for a home!

  5. Cute! I love the yellow gingham. Very pretty!

  6. You are a perfect combo of my BF and I... I am #1 (add Saved By The Bell to the list), #2 (plus sinus issues), and #4 (except with only velvet - I don't get how it ever looks good), and my BF is #3 (he won't touch my drink if it has ice in it) and #5 (he sleeps with "blankie" when I am not there - I forst thought it was a rag and tried to throw it away).


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