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24 October 2012

Austin is known for it's weirdness. 

The hipster culture reigns supreme here, and East Austin is quickly becoming the hipster hub. Heck, it was even rated #7 in Forbes' America's Best Hipster Neighborhoods. So, when I made an appointment at a salon named Hearts and Robots, I knew I was getting someone who knew how to do something other than a bleach job and California girl style blowout. Not to say I don't love having blonde beach girl waves, but it's fall, and it's time for something more put together.

A little backstory: I haven't hair a single hair cut from my head in over a year. Due to lack of funds/time, my hair has been sorely neglected. With the presence of a regular paycheck, it was time to get myself back in full working order, starting at the top. I am incredibly nervous about finding new hairstylists, as my curly, dry, fine-textured-but-lots-of-it hair tends to be a diva in the wrong hands.
I found Hearts and Robots via Yelp, and knew instantly that I'd be a long term customer. The over 100 reviews sparkled with happy customers who loved their new hair and their hairstylist. A double bonus. Once I clicked on the website, I found not one but TWO curly hair specialists. Triple bonus. Oh, and did I mention that not only is the salon in an old home full of found treasures {swoon} but they make it a point to provide affordable hair services? My dirt cheap heart nearly exploded from excitement. 
I promptly booked an appointment online, which is incredibly convenient, by the way. A week later, I met up with Stephanie, one of the curly hair specialists, and got right down to it. She spent quite a bit of time talking to me, getting my wishlist, looking at past photos of me with bangs, color ideas, etc. She took the time to get to know my hair, examining the curls and condition and taking my needs/wants and combining them with her expertise. 
Photo via
Within 15 minutes of her beginning the color mixing process, we found ourselves chatting like we'd known each other for years. Lots of laughter, lots of similarities. At one point, we were both holding back tears as we talked about our mothers and their health. We showed each other pictures of our fur babies. We made fun of frat guys with highlights. I mean, we bonded people. How can you not when the woman standing behind you holds the fate of your hair in your hands? She was incredibly easy to chat with, and we had plenty of time to talk, as she had set aside 3 hours just to tend to me.  I felt like a valued customer, not a cow being shot through the chute.
 Another bonus- They just added a beauty trailer, the Gypsy Rose, to the back of their salon! The airstream in Austin is synonymous with 'hipster', and this full service mini salon offers esthetician services like waxing/sugaring, eyelash tint/extensions, facials, etc. So next time I plan on a bang trim/new color/whatevs, I will be booking a lash dye and brow wax to set off the freshly done hair.
Bottom line: I loved her. I loved the salon. I loved the affordability. I'll be back.


  1. It is always great to find a good hairdresser. The salon looks so quirky and fun... what a name, Hearts and Robots!

    I'm loving your bangs too! :)

  2. Your hair came out gorgeous! That is so cute that they have an airstream in the back! Looks like a fun place to get your hair done :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. obsessed with your new hair and i've been wondering where in austin you had it done! so glad to hear it was Hearts and Robots because i've been dying to go there and you just solidified that appointment.


  4. Sounds awesome! There's nothing better than finding the perfect hair stylist. I love the bangs!

  5. Your hair looks amazing! I'm sure it's a fantastic feeling knowing you can trust your hairdresser. You look lovely. :)


  6. you look so good with your new hair style!
    following you too!


  7. oh my gosh i love the cut/color/styling!!!
    I have curly hair as well, and i know EXACTLY what you mean about having to find the right stylist. I once had someone cut my hair in really, REALLY short layers AKA i had a fro for a solid month. i hated it.


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