Standing Still

22 August 2012

So I may not have been 100% truthful with you all.

Yes, every weekend since the move has been busy with family get togethers, home improvement projects, and catching up on work. But it hasn't been so busy that my blogging has had to fall so far behind. 

This may seem like whining. Bear with me. Lately, I've been feeling like the blog isn't really anything worth looking at. Yes, my dogs are beyond the point of adorable, and sometimes I dress myself for $25, but I feel like what I have put out there is so... boring. I try to put together colorful outfits and find fun things to write about, but I just feel so tapped out. I feel like what I put out there is clogging up the blogosphere, taking up room on the Internet that should be reserved for someone brilliantly creative with fabulous photography skills and a kick ass home. 
I am still on the hunt for some key pieces to the house, which is why I haven't quite managed to put together home photos. Colorful throw pillows, painted chairs and refinished headboards are filling my dreams and torturing my thrift hunts. The other day, I went to 7 furniture or clothing thrift stores, yes, 7, and came home with a single skirt. I'm ashamed. I have been beating myself up over the little details that haven't happened yet, and it's stalling my progress overall. 

I'm deadlocked and can't really seem to move forward. I struggle to think of creative topics, great photo ops or funny stories, and I end up spending all weekend running around for other life issues and completely forget about blog responsibilities. I so badly want to return to my little place on the Internet, but can't seem to feel at home here anymore. Maybe I just need to give myself some grace, but right now I can't seem to give myself, or anyone else that matter, much thought.

I'm going to write this up as a trip to the blogging doldrums and move on, making an attempt to spruce things up a bit. Maybe this is what happens when I spend too much of my time looking at the creations and talents of others, instead of exploring what I have to offer. I have felt so inadequate lately, and hope that it turns around soon.


  1. Hey Britt....I've felt the same way lately. In my opinion, I think you always have a witty story and impressive pics. But I know what you mean. My advice would be to just keep at it. Who knows, maybe your blog is fixing to turn a corner. And really, looking at others' awesome blogs is tough...especially when they most likely have way more time than you to put into their space. Keep your chin up! :)

  2. I think that this is something all bloggers struggle with at once time or another. I often get writer's block or wonder if my outfit is cute enough or my post is funny enough. It's hard not to, but don't compare yourself to other blogs. Know that your blog is special and unique because it's written by YOU.

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    1. Ditto what Sharon said. Britt, you are not the only one who's felt like this, and most of us encounter this feeling more than once! You just need to write (and dress) out of who you are and genuinely out of where you're at. That's why I appreciate this post--it may not be funny or witty, but it's genuine. Once the blog becomes more about people you're trying to please and less about your journey and expression you can easily feel like you're in a cage, and it sucks the fun out of blogging.

      Two of my favorite quotes to get me through seasons like you're experiencing: this and this.

      Also, take a week or two off if you want! Your readers will still be here, and it feels nice to breathe again and be re-inspired. :)

  3. I can't wait to see when you have everything put together...I know its hard bc you want everything to look perfect right away but it takes time! I am still on the hunt for a few items for the house and it is killing me I have empty wall space and a place for a loveseat but I try to remember, we've only been in the house 4 months!

  4. I always tell my husband (and myself) when we get down in the dumps about life, or creative walls, or really anything... Do something for someone else. Usually perspective has a good way of kicking you in the butt and getting your heart and mind back into gear. Do small, completely self-less thing and let the juices start running again!

  5. I've been feeling a little tapped out lately too. I just can't seem to drum up interesting things to talk about other than my health and I know no one finds that interesting. I'm hoping for some huge source of inspiration to strike me soon.

  6. Don't feel pressured to "have" to blog - this happened to me last year and it got tedious to always try to think of or do something blog-worthy. I had to remind myself that I do this because I enjoy it and not because it is my job so I should blog when and how I want to, when I wanted to. Hang in there!

  7. I call this phenomenon 'my blog period'... where I am a grumpy bitch and I hate the online world and get all bitter (yes, I am wonderful). And as cheesy as it sounds, once I stop focusing on everyone else's photography, opportunities and J Crew clothes and focus on what I want to wear and write, the world tilts back to normal again. Hope it levels for you soon:)

  8. Aww *virtual hugs*! Take a break from the blog world and the internet! That always helps me. Read a book, take a walk, have some tea, bring focus back to real life and let it inspire you. Don't put pressure on yourself to "finish" your home - you'll get there. You have all of your basic needs met, right? That's all that really matters! :)

  9. Awe...I think all bloggers have those days! I know I definitely do. It's so easy to look at other blogs and get discouraged. I always find myself saying "but this one is so pretty! and look at this one! and the content on this one is so deep and thought-provoking" until I've totally lost all sense of my own style and then I'm just a confused and fickle mess.
    your blog is beautiful!


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