Sweating Dollar Signs

27 March 2013

Now, I know you're probably tired of the 'look at my expensive purchases' posts. They don't come around, like ever, so bear with me. I had to spread out my hedonistic joy over the course of a week-ish and had to save the best for last! I am not a handbag girl. Never have been, never thought I would be. Until I saw this.
Once that beauty had seared its way into my mind with glove tanned leather, a roomy interior and cognac coloring, I knew there was no going back.
I had saved up birthday and Christmas money to buy my dream bag, and had my trip to the store all planned out. I even made sure to 'dress' for the occasion. I was going to stroll in, pretend that it was no wind up my skirt to buy a $400+ bag, make some small talk and then leave to geek out over my first big girl bag in the car. 
Smooth, I was not. I made it two steps in the store before I began to sweat like a linebacker in July. The reality of buying something that costs as much as some people's car payment sent me into a panic, but I was committed. I opened my mouth in an attempt to ask about the bag, and promptly word vomited in a thrift induced panic on the two poor sales girls. I was the only person in the store (thank the Lord) because I was falling apart faster than Britney Spears' career. Too soon? Back to the bag. 
{Blouse} Forever 21  {Pants} Gap Outlet  {Wedges} Forever 21 
{Watch} Target  {Sunnies} Ray Ban  {Bag} Coach 
{Necklace} Lala Crystal on Etsy
I made it out of the store alive, but not without having the girls assure me 10+ times that this would be a purchase that could carry me through the years and was totally worth spending what felt my left arm on. I buckled up the purse in its bag on the way home and couldn't even take it out of the bag until the next day. Since then I have settled into it nicely, only stifling small screams when children come near it and making sure to condition the leather once a week.

It's official. I'm a freak.


  1. Haha! That bag is gorgeous and I agree it is totally worth the investment!

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  2. I would be the same way! I have a few dresses that I spent quite a bit of money on and I actually keep them in garment bags. Hope you enjoy your bag for years to come! (and I am sure you will because you are taking excellent care of it...and Coach bags have a lifetime guaranty, so you can send it out to be fixed if any thing happens)
    Penniless Socialite
    March Group Giveaway!

  3. Love that color of purple! I recently bought some pants in the same color and I can't get enough of them :)

    xo, Jessica

  4. Ha, linebacker in July. Having seen this beaut in person, I can vouch that you completely, 100% made a supurb purchase. No buyers remorse there!!!! :)

  5. Those lilac pants, I´m so loving them with the bright yellow wedges! Cute outfit. :)

  6. ooohhhh I can imagine the stress in spending that much on a purse. But very very cute purchase!!

  7. you look so cute! i just love the pop of color from your shoes! i would have done the same thing and maybe even chickend out lol, glad you like it! it's a gorgeous bag :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  8. I love those pants! Lavender is my fav!


  9. Love your pants! I think you styled it really well :) You look gorgeous!

    Hope you can check out my new post on the site. I'd love to hear what you think!


  10. So funny because just the week before my friend Collin and I strolled in to Dillards and she dropped the $$$ on that same bag. I've seen it, felt, and breathed in the lusciousness of well formed leather. I may have found a similar alternate Coach purchase with a clearance tag on it that I may bring home with me on payday. Great buy.-Leanne D


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